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Jerrance Lewis and Family Posted:

I will keep this short and to the point. I was charged in a Murder that I really was not involved in. My attorney Lillian Diallo sent this Investigator to talk to me. He came to the Wayne County Jail and I tell you this. The rest is History. The jury came back NOT GUILTY on 4/27/2009 of all counts and I am now at home. These guys did what they needed to do. If you are in trouble or know somebody in trouble. These are the guys to do what needs to be done. I thank you. My family thanks you.

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Welcome To Armorbearer Investigations

Our Mission, is to provide all of our clients with an honest, accurate, confidential and professional service.

Our Commitment, is to each of our clients and is our unwavering resolve and attention to detail in meeting your needs.

Our Promise, is to ensure you are getting a service you need.

Armorbearer Investigations, LLC is a family owned operation founded with primarily one goal in mind, To Serve, Protect and Investigate. We aim to help our clients get closure, answers and to feel secure.

Built on Faith, Honor, Integrity, Obedience and Valor, Armorbearer Investigations has quickly risen to be a strong force in the industry, known for tackling the tough cases.

Our team has over twelve years of practice with experience in Homicide, Gang Enforcement and Investigations in the Operations Division of the Detroit Police Department. We specialize in all Criminal, Civil, Truck/Cargo Theft, Workmens Compensation, and Insurance Investigatios.

Armorbearer Investigations, LLC is the premier choice for your investigation needs.

A insurance company that needs assistance with workmens comp cases or Freight or Cargo Theft, a Law Firm or Lawyer who needs help with defending there clients. Companies or Attorneys needing background checks and so much more.

Our Private Investigators have many ways to help. It's all here, so please add us to your favorites and tour the Private Investigators world.

Our Office and Mailing address is 12900 Haggerty Rd Suite 6, Belleville, MI 48111, O - (734) 325-6400 or Toll Free (877) 764-7241.

Michigan steps toward greater justice for poor defendants
The Michigan House of Representatives kicked off its lame-duck session Thursday on positive note -- a bipartisan vote in favor of HB5804, which would bring consistency and somewhat greater quality to the state's shoddy patchwork of approaches to handling indigent criminal defense. The bill goes to the Senate now, which is expected to pass it. Gov. Rick Snyder is waiting for it to land on his desk, so he can sign it. The stakes for Michigan are significant, financially and morally. Michigan will save money on incarcerations and lawsuits if it provides better representation for criminal defendants at trial. The U.S. Constitution guarantees every defendant "assistance of counsel," which has been interpreted by courts to mean something more than a person with a law degree sitting next to you in court. Right now, Michigan leaves it up to individual counties to decide how to fulfill that right for those who cannot afford lawyers of their own. Some counties provide competent representation; others scrimp, leaving poor defendants essentially to defend themselves. So innocent people sometimes go to prison, at an annual cost to taxpayers of $30,000 a head. In some instances, those imprisoned unjustly have sued the state for inadequate representation and recovered hundreds of thousands more in damages. The human toll is harder to quantify, but certainly exceeds the financial cost of false incarceration. Michigan becomes more of a crime-and-punishment backwater when it denies effective counsel to indigent defendants -- which not only hurts the defendants, but reflects poorly on the moral sensibilities of everyone else. Gov. Snyder ordered a commission to study the issue and come up with recommendations for change. HB5804 is the result; it would establish a permanent commission to assess how well each county provides for indigent defense now, and identify areas in which they fall short of the American Bar Association's national standards. Then the Legislature and individual counties would work together to plug the holes and fill the gaps. In some cases, there will be a lot of work. Sanilac, Muskegon and Allegan Counties spend less than $5 per capita on indigent defense. In other counties, it will be more about making better use of the resources already available. Who'll pay? The bill says counties will pick up the difference between what they spend now and the state average; the state would pay anything beyond that to meet the standards that the commission lays out. There's also an exception in the law for counties that are meeting the standards without spending the state average; they won't be required to pay more. National advocates for indigent defense are quick to point out that there isn't just one way to ensure defendants get good representation; there are many ways, and it's important for Michigan counties to be free to pursue justice in the way they see fit. But justice is the key word there. Michigan needs to do better at ensuring it gets done in the courtroom -- and that means providing adequate defense for everyone.
Posted by ceo on Friday, November 09 @ 13:54:11 EST (0 reads)
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Armorbearer Investigations Assist in Freeing Innocent Man
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 'I'm not bitter'

Murder suspect freed after his DNA doesn't match evidence at crime scene

George Hunter / The Detroit News

Posted by ceo on Wednesday, December 10 @ 19:32:30 EST (2894 reads)
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H & R Process Serving1061
Great Faith Ministries International1000
Dr. Beverly's Things691
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Bigg Heart Baskets631
Armorbearer SPI Blog491
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