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D. Sanders and Family Posted:

Mr. Bruce I want to thank you for everything you and my attorney did in my case. As you know, I was implicated in a Murder by the father of my sisters child. He plead Guilty and cut a deal to testify against who ever he named. My family and I could not believe he put my name in his mess. My Attorney and your staff saw the truth. When the verdict was read "NOT GUILTY" on all charges (4/18/2012). I just did what you told me to do. I gave God alot of praise for all he did and for all you do. The funniest thing about all this was the other guy he put in it was caught on tape doing the shooting and because my nephews father was exposed to be a liar. He was found not guilty also. When we were leaving the court room he said your lawyer did a job on him. I told him she had some help. Thank you Armorbearer Investigations for everything.

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Additional Services

Background Checks:
We offer background checks for finding out info on someone you might be curious to find out more about such as a new boyfriend, girlfriend, co-worker, nanny, maybe an ex's new partner, the list goes on and on! You may be currently searching for a lost relative, an old co-worker, friend, or deadbeat dad. No matter who you are searching for we can help you find them.

What is your spouse or partner really doing when they're late for dinners at home, out late with their "friends" or providing you with answers that make you uncomfortable? What are your teens really doing and who are they meeting when they're out with the family car? What's going on at home when you're away on business? Let us "fill in the blanks" for you. When you are dealing with rumors, anonymous tips, or uncooperative associates, friends, or family members we are the ones that will provide you with the “real” truth.

Finding Lost Relatives or Friends:
We will work with the client to locate there loved ones or just a long lost friend. We will attempt to locate family that has wandered away from home and need to be located for there own safety.

Lost Prevention:
We will work with any bank or company to assist them with one of the highest crimes happening to them and there customers. We will attempt to locate the individual(s) responsible for the fraudulent act.

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Published on: 2007-02-22 (2675 reads)

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