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Private Investigations are our specialty. Years of experience working with the Detroit Police Department equipped us with the foundation to investigate both Criminal and Civil cases. We adhere to Michigan state laws to ensure information is obtained in a legal matter. Our local investigators are able to uncover the truth for you.


The continual monitoring of a person or group using video, photography, or general observation. Investigators are necessary to ensure evidence collected by surveillance is usable in the Michigan courts. Surveillance is the backbone of our investigations, providing evidence to support your claims in court or personally.

Background Checks

Comprehensive research on an individual’s character. Background checks can be used to identify any criminal offenses, warning signs, or past unsuitable behavior. They can be conducted on potential employees, spouses, or anyone you are seeking information on that is not public knowledge.

Skip Tracing

The thorough investigation to find a missing or evasive person who is involved in a legal case. Skip Tracing is used to locate witnesses, track down fugitives, collect debts, and even locate lost family members. Skip Tracing is an important aspect of process service, as we can locate individuals to serve them.

Process Service

Service of process is essential to upholding the due process of law by officially notifying an individual of their involvement in a court case. We offer confidential and efficient process of service for your subpoenas, notices, or other legal documents. We guarantee to get your papers served throughout the Michigan area.

Notary and Fingerprinting

Our trained notaries will notarize your legal documents so that they are legally binding. We provide notary and fingerprinting services throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Court Filing

Our professional court filers will reveiw your documents and help you file with the appropriate court, ensuring that all requirements are met. We have thourough understanding of Michigan's court system. Please contact the office for pricing.

About Us

Armorbearer Investigations, LLC is one of the strongest forces in the investigative industry. A family-owned operation, established with a primary goal in mind, “To Serve, Protect and Investigate.” We have upheld this goal since our start while getting our clients the closure and answers that they seek.

Our team has over twelve years of practice, with experience in homicide, gang enforcement, and investigations in the operations division of the Detroit Police Department. We specialize in interrogations, crime scene, criminal, and civil investigations. Our vast experience helps us get to the bottom of all our cases. We treat each and every case as a priority and adjust our approach so that the best results are delivered.

Our values of faith, honor, integrity, obedience, and valor carry us in seeking justice for our clients. We tackle the tough cases that others deem unsolvable. Armorbearer Investigations, LLC is the premier choice for your investigation needs.

Michigan Investigations

Our investigative services cover the entire state of Michigan. Our expansive list of services combined with our honesty and perseverance set us apart from the rest. We promise thorough and confidential investigations conducted with integrity. We aim high and want nothing more than results for our clients.

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